Our Warranty Terms and Conditions 

Here at Marshall performance motors we are fair on our warranty terms and conditions however we also wont allow people to take us for a ride, so we enforce our conditions no matter how small or big the job may be. 

Non- Runners: 

We offer no warranty on non runners other than the parts in which we fit, we are not responsible for any other issues that come present once weave got your engine running! Such as oil pressure faults, Overheating issues, and mechanical issues, if issues are found we will inform the owner with immediate effect and the customer have the choice of how they want to proceed with the repair.

Remapped Vehicles: 

When it comes to remapped vehicles we offer no warranty on these vehicles do to the nature we don't know what has been done power wise by the remapped. All warranty on any work we may have completed is voided the moment a vehicle has been remapped, this falls in line with clutch warranties, timing belt warrantied, timing chain warranties this list can be sent on request, There is no warranty implied or given on remapped vehicles full stop!

Clutch Warranty: 

Our clutch warranty is 10,000 Miles or 1 year what ever comes first, 

warranty on slave cylinders is manufacture warranty 

labour is warrantied for 3 months 

remapped vehicles no warranty implied 

warranty Null and void if vehicle used for racing no smart person would offer warranty on race cars!

we are fair if there is an issue you must get in touch with us immediately and we can get it rectified, if we are not given the chance to sort then we are not responsible for any refund, 

Trade Prices: 

All trade prices come with No warranty at all as these jobs have been done at trade price, All cars that come trough as trade are not covered under any warranty conditions.


Any questions please email us and we will get back to you in due time