Frequently Ask Questions 

1. How long for a Rover 75 2.0 CDTI clutch change take?

 On average between 4hrs to 6hrs depending on the condition of the bolts and if there is any issues along the way. 

2. Do you offer Payment plans? 

  We used to offer this but due to issues and people not maintaining there agreement with us and not understanding how it works       we decided to remove this option so we require full payment on completion off your vehicle Non payment after 3 days of completion you will be charged for parking at £10 per day and 12.5% per week on the invoice total. We are a small business and have our own bills too pay.

 3. What payment options do you offer?

 We offer the following options Bank transfer, PayPal, Cash 

4. Do you accept other vehicles than mg rovers?

We love to receive various different vehicles other than mgr. we have delt with Vauxhalls, Citroen BX's ,Morris and Minis and man more we tend to get what other people don't want to do.

5. Do you offer recovery:

we offer recovery with our recovery Partners across the UK But mostly use our trusted collector DES, Give us a call and we can get you a quote, des Is very passionate and looks after our customers vehicles while in his care.

6. Do you complete engine rebuilds? 

We offer engine rebuilds on all engines we get asked to take on from British  to American were not afraid to take these on, all cylinder head work is skimmed and pressure tested before fitting to ensure 100 percent perfection,

7. If i turn up for dinostics with no fuel will you turn me away?

We will ask you to either pick some up the road and get some fuel or we will take the vehicle for fuel and put £10 In and you will be charged for the fuel and Charged labour for our time. 

8. What is there to do in burton on Trent while we wait for the car to be done? 

Burton is a beautiful and historic town with plenty to see especially if your a beer buff, just at the top of our road you will find the Burton Brewery Museum an absolute fantastic few hours, Or if you like walking you have the Swan park in stapenhill Gardens and if you like railways There is stunning bridges across burton from burton bridge to leasiterline bridge.

9. What happens if i don't pay my bill? 

If this happens your vehicle will not be released and will be sealed up and parked up securely, you will be charged £10 per day parking and interest per week on your bill after continued non payment for three months your vehicle will be seized and V5 will be applied for and the vehicle will either be sold off or scrapped to recover our costs, We are not a charity and as such expect to be paid for the work we have completed. No vehicle will be allowed to leave unless 100 percent of the bill is paid. 

10. Do you have somewhere i can wait while you work on my vehicle

Yes we have a small reception area with a chair and radio to keep you company, we do not allow access into the workshop unless you are occupied by use, no waiting inside the workshop area for your own safety, our reception is there for your use.