American Muscle Servicing and Repairs 

Here at Marshall Performance motors we love our American muscle, we are big Mopar fans we love our Dodge Challengers, hellcats and demons but we also enjoy other American muscle such as the iconic mustang, and bumble bee the camero. we offer repairs to these beasts that other garages in the UK do not understand or wont touch. 

Dodge Motors - MOPAR 

All variants from dodge are welcome from your standard SRT8 to the fuel Hungry Hellcats or the robust Rams Engine servicing and engine overhauls Top quality parts direct from America

Ford Performance  

All variants from ford, from the powerfull Ford GT to the performance trucks F150 raptor and there bigger sisters in the 250 and 350 range. Godzilla 7.3, Fords Create engines and the classic Mustang and your simple ST in the focus and Fiesta Range. 


All variants from Chevrolet from the high performance ZR1 to there standard motors and cameros to the mighty Silverado are serviced and repaired by use. All work undertaken no matter how small 

All American cars are welcome 

All variants from past to current models are welcome from your everyday servicing to your more complex dinostics and engine overhauls older vehicle restoration is offered as well on mustangs, chargers, Pontiacs and many more give us a call or email with your requirements.